The Chile-U.S. Chamber of Commerce is an association of companies, professionals and individuals, organized to promote and encourage trade between Chile and the United States, with emphasis on South Florida, in addition to the inter-cultural understanding between the two countries. To achieve this mission, the chamber serves as a bridge of communication and information with respect to the opportunities that are made available to interested entities.

The Chamber

The Chile-US Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization of professionals based in Miami, USA. Its main objective is to serve as a bridge between the two countries in order to facilitate and increase the commercial exchange of goods, services, projects and investments.

Our members represent a wide range of professional and business talents with a clear purpose of expanding linkages between those who integrate the Chile-US Chile Chamber of Commerce, promoting B2B exchanges (business to business) and the exchange of ideas, projects and ventures with other integrated communities in the USA and Chile.

Chile and USA represent a trade union that exceeds US$30 billion per year. This creates many opportunities for businesses in which the Chile-US Chamber of Commerce plays a very important role, as a platform that facilitates the approach and interaction of professionals and entrepreneurs that can generate agreements and business in various productive sectors. Our chamber also facilitates the development of new enterprises, as well as cultural activities, sporting events and networking in an effort to stimulate business exchanges between Chile and USA.


The Chile-U.S. Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1991 by a group of Chilean executives residing in the county of Miami-Dade, Florida.

The purpose of the group was:

  • Join the community of professionals and Chilean businesses based in Miami.
  • Establish activities where the Chilean community in Miami could meet and promote their businesses.
  • Manage initiatives between Miami and Chile where professionals and companies, both Chileans and Americans, could establish trade links and promote their products and services in Chile.
  • Establish a professional Chilean organization that could link with state agencies in Florida, such as the Beacon Council, Miami Trade Center, Florida Department of Commerce and others to help new businesses that come from Chile to establish their presence in Miami.
  • Be a link and platform to support ProChile in its initiatives to promote Chile as a destination for investments.
To launch the chamber, an Organizing Committee was formed and the chamber was promoted to the professional Chilean community, individuals, businesses and professional groups. All Chilean companies in Miami at the time, including LAN Chile, Ladeco Airlines, Fast Air, CSAV and Banco de Chile, supported the initiative and helped in the early beginnings of the chamber.

Once the organizing committee obtained a list of 80 registered members, which was the goal that everyone felt was sufficient to initiate activities, the chamber organized the first Board of Directors election, and thus began the commercial and social efforts of the chamber, which culminates with 25 years of activities without interruption by the Chile-U.S. Chamber of Commerce in South Florida, and Miami in particular.

The first chamber directory was composed of 13 directors, headed by an Executive Committee of 4 people who ran the positions of President (Marta Gillette), Vice-President (Christopher Hanna), Secretary (Carlos Sieveking) and Treasurer (Servando Arriagada).