Once you become a member, you will receive a membership card, which makes you eligible to obtain discounts and preferential rates offered by the various companies and organizations affiliated with our chamber. Just present your card and you will receive your discount on professional services, restaurants, hotels and other participating entities. Your company is also eligible to offer a discount or special rate if you so wish, receiving in this way free advertising on our website. With your membership you will also receive the following benefits:

Participation in Events

The chamber organizes and sponsors a wide range of events designed to promote businesses and cultural opportunities to its members, namely:

  • Seminars and Conferences with high-profile speakers.
  • Breakfast and/or lunch with business round-table.
  • Networking events and business card exchange.
  • Cultural, artistic and sports events.

Promotional Opportunities

The chamber offers its members various possibilities to promote their products and services, such as:

  • Distribution of information to our members and friends of the chamber.
  • Connection to their respective websites through our website.
  • Distribution of special offers from member to member.
  • Publication of articles in chamber's monthly newsletter.
  • Offering of strategic business contacts.

Association with similar entities

The chamber has agreements with the main bilateral and unilateral Chambers of Commerce organizations in the USA, like CAMACOL (Latino Chamber of Commerce), group of chambers USA-Latin America, Club of chambers in Chile, among others. This will allow you to co-sponsor events in conjunction with other similar entities, which in the final analysis, enables its members to expand the possibilities and opportunities to interact and generate business with a great variety of other professionals and companies.

Trade Ties Chile-US

Our members receive via email periodic information about relevant activities about its members, events and news pertaining to Chile, as well as news about commercial relations with the USA.


The chamber has created a new Website that includes the updated list of its members, and links to related entities (General Consulate in Miami, Pro-Chile, and others) and has a number of new functionalities that facilitate access to relevant information about trade between Chile and the USA, and its interaction with our organization.

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