Press Release Chile-US Chamber of Commerce

Chilean Chambers of Commerce in the USA sign
Cooperation Agreement for a Major Alliance

On the 3 and 4 of December in Miami, with the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Mr. Roberto Ampuero; the director of ProChile, Mr. Jorge O'Ryan; and the consul General of Chile in Miami, Mr. Eduardo Salinas; the first strong union was reached between the five Chilean Chambers of Commerce in the United States: New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta and Miami. Its objective is to strengthen the commercial and cultural exchange between Chile and the United States.

This historic step will allow the five chambers, now in a unified way, to offer the Chilean businessmen and professionals services in the main business sectors of the United States, as well as the American businessmen who need to access the Chilean market.

"From now on we will have five powerful chambers representing the interests of Chile to project and promote the commercial exchange of Chile and the United States, but which are articulated to avoid parallel efforts," as celebrated by the Chancellor of Chile, Roberto Ampuero, promoter of the initiative that was signed by representatives of each of the chambers established in: New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, and Miami.

The president of this last entity, Patricio Sepúlveda, will be in charge of carrying out the coordination work between the Chambers, during the first stage, to establish a possible confederation in the future. "We are studying the legal formula that is beneficial for all chambers, so that they do not lose their identity, but that allows us to develop more efficient and productive activities for the business relationship between Chile and the United States," he explained.

Sepulveda added "... as Chilean Chambers of Commerce in USA we are proud that the signing of this transcendental agreement has been in the framework of the first ProChile Innovation Summit in Miami; an event that marks a change in support of innovation and entrepreneurs within our two countries.”


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The Chamber is a member of the ABICC (Association of Bi-national Chambers in South Florida),
and CAMACOL (Latin Chamber of Commerce), among others, which allows co-sponsoring events
in conjunction with other similar entities, which, in short, allows its members
to expand the possibilities and opportunities to interact and generate business with
a great variety of other professionals and companies.